Rich Consulting LLC

Accident Reconstruction Consulting & Training

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  • Accident reconstruction cause and analysis
  • Simulation using Virtual Crash 5.0
  • Lamp examination to determine on or off at the time of the collision
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Forensic 3D mapping via UAS (drone) and Carlson BRx7 survey-grade RTK GNSS.
  • Photogrammetry analysis
  • Deep scanning of automotive systems using the Autel MaxiDAS MP808 Automotive Diagnosis & Analysis System
  • Computerized friction testing
  • Pedestrian accident reconstruction
  • Event Data Recorder "black box" downloads and data interpretation
  • Commercial vehicle inspections
  • Commercial vehicle event data recorder downloads for Detroit Diesel and Cummins engines
  • Scene inspections
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Vehicle damage "crush" analysis
  • Computer aided drafting (CAD) diagrams
  • Evidence photography
  • Expert witness testimony at deposition and trial
  • Plaintiff and defense work accepted
  • Advanced accident reconstruction training

Visit the Virtual Crash Web site to learn more about this physics/accident reconstruction simulator used by Rich Consulting.

A General Motors SDM

A General Motors Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM) that contains an Event Data Recorder (EDR)--a "black box."

A Mavic 2 Pro drone used for 3-D scene mapping.

A Carlson Brx7 RTK GNSS rover used to map crash scenes with survey-grade accuracy.

A VC4000DAQ used for friction testing


Autel MaxiDAS Automotive Diagnosis and Analysis System