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Microsoft Excel for Traffic Crash Reconstruction (24 ACTAR CEUs)

This class is now available online as a learn-at-your-own-pace class. Click HERE to go to the online class portal.


This course will teach the reconstructionist how to use Microsoft Excel to solve just about every reconstruction problem that may be encountered. NO prior experience with Excel is necessary. This course begins at Step 1! Some of the topics covered:

  • Writing formulas in Excel
  • Spin Analysis
  • Conservation of Linear Momentum ("360 Momentum").
  • Airborne
  • Critical speed yaw
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Performing Monte Carlo simulation with Excel
  • Performing finite difference analysis with Excel
  • Using Excel for EDR analysis
    • Closing speed analysis
    • Obtaining delta-V from acceleration data
  • Graphing for the jury
  • Programming your own user-defined reconstruction functions and add-ins
  • Solving simultaneous energy/restitution and momentum equations using Solver
  • Cell formatting
  • Conditional formula execution
  • Option buttons
  • List boxes
  • Using names to refer to cells and ranges

Requirements: All students must have completed reconstruction or technical and must have access to a laptop running Microsoft Excel version 2010 or greater.

This course has been approved for 24 ACTAR CEUs

Tuition includes a printed and bound copy of Microsoft Excel for Traffic Crash Reconstruction: A Concise Reference, by Andrew Rich

Download course flyer here

Cancelation Policy: You may cancel your registration outside of 30 days of the first day of class for a 100% refund. Between 30 days and 8 days of the first day of class, a 25% administrative fee will be charged. No refunds within 8 days of the first day of class. Any student who cancels within 8 days of the first day of class may, at the discretion of Rich Consulting LLC, apply the forfeited tuition toward a future Rich Consulting class.

Tuition will be refunded 100% for classes canceled at any time before the first day of class due to Covid-19 or other government-imposed restrictions. If a class is canceled after the first day of class, the refund will be prorated. Rich Consulting will not be responsible for students' non-refundable travel reservations that are canceled due to Covid-19 or other government-imposed restrictions. 

Scheduled Classes:
Harvard, MA: April 16 to 18, 2024.
Hosted by the Harvard Police Department, 40 Ayer Road, Harvard, MA  06096. Tuition is $699 before March 1, 2024 and $799 after March 1, 2024.

          Register for Harvard

Frankfort, KY: October 14 to 16, 2024. Hosted by the Kentucky State Police at the Kentucky State Police Headquarters, 919 Versailles Rd, Frankfort, KY  40601. Tuition is $699 before September 15, 2024 and $799 after September 15, 2024.

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l class and receiving free tuition!


"Was concerned with my minimal knowledge of the program. Andy & Michelle taught to a level that I could keep up with and learn at the same time. Thanks for your patience and help!" -- Sgt. Allan Avery, Michigan State Police.

Lots of great information to help courtroom presentation. Well presented by both Andy & Michelle. Thank you!" -- Timothy Brown.

"Thank you. I was a first-time Excel user. You made learning easier." -- Scott Kendrick, Oakland County (MI) Sheriff's Office.

"Andy and Michelle were great instructors. The Excel class was paced well where a lot of material was covered, but never rushed. The presentations and projects were very well organized, making it easy to learn. Thank you!" -- Michael David, Oakland County (MI) Sheriff's Office.

"Excellent class. Thanks for comming."--Joseph Mayfield, Phoenix Police Dept.

"Excellent training. Andy & Michelle are top notch instructors with real-world experience and amazing knowledge." Weston Brown, WFCI.

"This class is a 'must have' for any serious reconstructionist!"--James Sloan, Veri Crash, LLC.

"Andy & Michelle have tailored the Excel course to be easily understood. The knowledge and skills learned in this course will be exceptionally valuable to me as a crash reconstructionist. I highly recommend this course."--David L. Myers, D.L. Myers & Associates, LLC.

"Class is a must for all reconstructionists!" -- J. Machado, California Highway Patrol MAIT.

"Andy and Michelle are knowledgeable instructors who have extensive experience in the use of Microsoft Excel and the interpretation and application of statistics." -- Lance Berns, California Highway Patrol MAIT.

"Andy and Michelle are great instructors who took the time to make sure every student understood the material. They made themselves available before and after class to help. They knew their audience and presented information in a way that was applicable to the audience." -- Andrew Barnett, California Highway Patrol MAIT.

"I would not hesitate to recommend this training to everyone. I learned a lot during the week and picked up some valuable techniques to analyze traffic crashes in ways one would not think of." -- Mike Reade, CD, Forensic Reconstruction Specialists Inc.

"Andy and Michelle are excellent instructors. Their hands-on approach afford all students ample opportunity to conduct the program. I highly recommend this course to all reconstructionists." -- Robert Denig, NYPD Collision Investigation Squad.

"This class is excellent and covers a lot of Excel topics for a basic course. There are plenty of advanced topics that are covered, giving students a good base to continue their Excel training. Thank you." Dan Oliveira, NJ State Police.

"Excellent class. Very knowledgeable. Would recommend it to everyone." -- Matt Wosje, SD Highway Patrol.

"Very informative class that will benefit me in my reconstruction investigations." -- Tpr. Angela Porter, Maine State Police.

"Andy provided a clear step-by-step process in developing programs in Excel for crash reconstruction formulas. As a reconstructionist, I am better equipped to logically explain the input data and derived answers to my clients and jurors." --Lt. Ed Weber (Ret), Waldwick, NJ Police.

"Thanks for putting on an excellent piece of instruction. I learned quite a bit not only about Excel, but also about statistics and the other more intricate areas of accident reconstruction I do not normally use. With the programming of the formulas in Excel, that I will use at some point soon, I feel like my time was very well spent and worth the cost of tuition."--Stephen Motyczka, Westfield Investigative Group.

"Great Class! Very informative. Really opened my eyes to how much can be done with Excel to simplify our reconstructions. Thanks!"--Sgt. Steve Carbajal, Tempe (AZ) Police Vehicular Crimes Unit.

"Great class, got more valuable information than I hoped for. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone who uses a computer for reconstruction."--Mike Broughton, Phoenix, AZ.

"The course was full of interesting Excel programming. Andy and Michelle made the class exciting, interesting, and informative. Thanks for 3 great days of instruction!"--Tim Pebler.

"The class helps by opening up the world of Excel to officers who have the tool in the toolbox without an added expense of additional software."--Det. Cam Siewert, AZDPS.

"A great class, the power of Excel is amazing! I have been a crash reconstructionist for 14 years and this a great addition to my toolbox. A must for any reconstructionist!!"--Aaron Rankin, Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office, Concord, NC.
"Andy and Michelle are excellent. They are a great combo for teaching this class. This class exceeded my expectations. The instruction was clear and easy to follow. Thanks for a great class." -- Joseph Buschelman.

"This class gave me a new perspective on whether to use commercial recon programs. I look forward to making my own spreadsheets with the info he provided." -- Lt. Steve Ashton, Ret (ACTAR 1474).

"Andy Rich and Michelle Fish were outstanding in the presentation of Microsoft Excel for Traffic Crash Reconstruction. I would highly recommend this course for the reconstructionist looking to build their own Excel workbooks for reconstruction. Excellent course!" -- Trooper Mark Dicocco, CT State Police

"Thank you for your professionalism, patience, willingness to share, willingness to help me understand." -- Pat Doherty

"The course was well managed moving along at the pace of the slowest person making sure that everyone was in the same place with any issues addressed before moving forward. Both you and Michelle were always available during class as well as coming in early before and staying late after class to help anyone who needed assistance. I have a moderate level on competency with Excel but feel much better now moving forward, having a better understanding of how it works, what to look for in others data sets and how it will help me in the future both with my own entry of formula for reconstruction problems and that of RC Monte Carlo. The course was given in plain easily understood language and I would sincerely recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their abilities in this ever changing field." --Dalton Brown, MVC Forensics, Inc.

"Excel for Traffic Crash Reconstruction is a must for anyone looking to get into collision reconstruction." -- Ray Reed, Phoenix Police Dept.

"Andy and Michelle are excellent instructors. The Excel class would benefit any vehicle crimes detective and make them more effective." -- Weston Brown, Scottsdale P.D.

"Great class--refresher as well as new information directly on-point to my reconstruction career." -- April Yergin, ATA Associates.

"Very helpful class with regards to using technology to help with collision reconstruction work. I would take this class again because I liked the material." -- James Johnston, Tucson Police Dept.

"The approach to covering finite differences and Monte Carlo analysis was worth the class time alone." -- Roman Beck, Beck Forensics.

"Great class. Andy and Michelle have an amazing level of knowledge with Excel and collision reconstruction. They took the time to make sure the students understood before moving on." -- Ryan Bodily, Los Angeles County Sheriff.

"The instructors incorporated numerous hands-on projects that helped this course. I had a moderate understanding of Excel before this class. Now my abilities have drastically improved. Thank you." -- Det. Mike Gottfried, San Diego Police Traffic Investigations.

"Great class. Instruction was fast enough to get through a lot of material, but there was always help available for any issues that came up. Invaluable information for reconstructionists!" -- Justin Snider, CHP MAIT.

"Wish I'd taken this class 20 years ago." -- Ben Karne, Karne Engineering (Oakland, CA).

"Excellent Class. A lot of information." -- Gary Gouck, Morris County (NJ) Prosecutor's Office.

"Andy and Michelle presented a good class that taught me new tricks and uses for Excel (I've been using it for over 30 years). Their class presented/showed [students] how to use this powerful tool. I'm ready to do Excel #2!" -- Terence Fischer, Fischer Forensic Services.

"This course is a must for all reconstructionists. Excellent program, well explained, superb instructors." -- Joe Cofone.

"Andy and Michelle are very knowledgeable in this field and in the use of Excel in TCR. This course exceeded my expectations and I will put my newly obtained knowledge to work immediately. Both Andy and Michelle were very helpful when students had questions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone involved in crash reconstruction." -- Cpl. Mike Sorensen, VT State Police.

"A well-taught course that I would highly recommend to any collision reconstructionist!" -- Ken Zwicker, Atlantic Crash Analysis.

"Great class...highly recommended to any recons." -- Steve Robinson, Robinson Forensic Engineering.

"Great course! Would highly recommend to those new in the field." -- Sarah Murphy, Contrast Engineering.

"This course can teach a salt shaker how to use Excel. Strongly recommend taking this course and learn the acronym 'FM'." -- James McLeod, Edmonton Police Service.

"A good, comprehensive guide to utilize Excel spreadsheets in reconstruction." -- Sgt. Jerry Hilborn, Michigan State Police.