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ACTAR Prep Classes

Updated  in 2021 to include ACTAR's new scenario-based problems!

The ACTAR prep class will help the trained reconstructionist pass the ACTAR exam. Topics covered in this 2-day class* include:

  • Scenario-Based Problems
  • Tire-size based questions
  • Basic EDR questions
  • Airborne Equations and Problems
  • Kinetic Energy Equations and Problems
  • Momentum Equations and Problems
  • Time-Distance Equations and Problems
  • Vehicle Evidence/Roadway Evidence Questions
  • How to Successfully Complete the Second Part of the ACTAR Exam (departure angles, approach angles, PDOF and more).

*We also offer a 3-day class, which gives the student more time to practice the new scenario-based questions and the reconstruction part of the exam.

On-Line Training for ACTAR

Rich Consulting offers on-line training through IPTM's Online Training and Instructional Services portal. This training includes videos, quizzes, and practice reconstructions as well as personal help when necessary. Go to IPTM for more information.

Cancelation Policy for Live Classes

You may cancel your registration outside of 30 days of the first day of class for a 100% refund. Between 30 days and 8 days of the first day of class, a 25% administrative fee will be charged. No refunds within 8 days of the first day of class. Any student who cancels within 8 days of the first day of class may, at the discretion of Rich Consulting LLC, apply the forfeited tuition toward a future Rich Consulting class. This policy does not apply to IPTM's online class.

Tuition will be refunded 100% for classes canceled at any time due to Covid-19 or other government restrictions. Rich Consulting will not be responsible for students' non-refundable travel reservations that are canceled due to Covid-19.


Oklahoma City, OK.
This class is hosted by NAPARS and will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2024 (the weekend before the Symposium on EDR Research and Training). There will be an ACTAR exam the day after the class at the same location. Tuition is $149 on or before March 15, 2024 and $199 after March 15, 2024. You do not need to attend the conference to register for this class. NOTE: Handouts for this class have already been printed. If you register for the class now, you will be sent PDF copies of the handouts. It will be your responsibility to print the handouts and bring them to class.

    Register for Oklahoma City

Orlando, FL.
This one-day class is hosted by IPTM and will be held on the day before the Symposium for Traffic Safety, June 2, 2024. Registration will be in IPTM's website, WWW.IPTM.ORG.

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"I just wanted to let you know that I was successful in passing the ACTAR exam given at the PSP conference. I wanted to thank you again for your prep class on Sunday as I believe it was instrumental in helping me pass."--Travis Webster

"Your prep class was very helpful in passing the ACTAR exam on the first attempt."--David Sersen

"Andy's class is top notch! He is not there to teach you concepts for the first time. As an experienced reconstructionist, Andy's insight in how to take the test is just as valuable as the practice problems he provides. As long as a candidate puts the time into preparing in advance, Andy's class will bolster their confidence and allow them to complete the test with time to spare. I recommend this class to anyone."--Daniel Bates.

"This is a great class with a ton of information and techniques for both parts of the ACTAR exam. I took this class after taking the exam once and failing the second part. I had no information on the scoring or explanation of why certain areas were wrong. I now have a better understanding of what they are looking for and in particular of how to calculate and answer all of the questions, especially on the second part. This is definitely a class you want to attend if you plan on taking the ACTAR exam or even if you have taken it and need to pass either part." -- James Mooney

"I do not think I would have done well on the exam without some guidance and not having any idea what would be asked and how it would be asked." -- Joseph Cappelluti

"Andy, I got my ACTAR test results today and I have to send you a huge thank you...I passed...If you ever need a recommendation for your class just say the word." -- Todd Stephenson

"Regardless of collision reconstruction experience, anyone who wants to succeed at the accreditation exam should take Andy Rich's ACTAR Preparation course. The strategies taught are second to none." --Mark DiCocco, ACTAR 3149, Connecticut State Police.