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Q: I am asked for a password when I exit RC Monte Carlo. What's up with that?

A: That is a Microsoft bug that we cannot control. To avoid this request, use the large red X on the RC Monte Carlo ribbon to exit the program. If you forget to use the red X, no harm is done. Just continue to click on cancel until the request goes away. 

Q: My anti-virus software flags RC Monte Carlo as a virus. Is it safe to install?

A: Yes. RC Monte Carlo is not a commonly downloaded file. It would cost a lot of money annually to own an authentication certificate to avoid this issue. RC Monte Carlo was thoroughly tested by a group of beta testers on many computer platforms. RC Monte Carlo will not harm your computer.

Q: Will RC Monte Carlo work with the Apple version of Excel?

A: No. To use RC Monte Carlo on an Apple you will need the Windows version of Excel running under Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp.

Q: When I apply a filter, RC Monte Carlo includes my input data along with the simulation results. How do I stop that from happening?

A: You must leave a blank column between the last input data column and your first results column.

Q: Why are some of the statistics and the charts missing?

A: This is a Microsoft Bug. VBA does not like sheet names that are the same as an Excel cell name or that contain special characters such as a hyphen or space. The following examples are not permitted: V1, V2, DV1, DV2, V-1, V 1, etc. RC Monte Carlo cannot check for all possible violations. If you have this problem simply rename the sheet.