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Practical Statistics for Traffic Crash Reconstruction (4 Days)

Preapproved for 32 ACTAR CEUs

The Practical Statistics for Traffic Crash Reconstruction class focuses on how the reconstructionist can calculate meaningful ranges for crash reconstructions. Many times using high and low values is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes a decreasing a variable may decrease a speed, while other times--in the same equation--decreasing the variable may increase the speed. What happens when the reconstructionist must vary more than one variable at the same time? Human factors research is full of statistics such as means, standard deviations, and percentiles. This hands-on course will teach the reconstructionist how to apply simple statistics to assist with these tasks, and explain how fundamental statistics is used in human factors research. Topics covered are:

  • Basic concepts such as mean, percentile, standard deviation, and z-score
  • Charting for juries and interpretation of charts (slope and area under the curve)
  • Probability distributions
  • The 68-95-99.7% rule
  • Probability plots
  • Hands-on experiments to show how statistics may be used for skid tests and other testing
  • Simple one-variable linear regression (used in human factors and other areas of reconstruction)
  • Ranging reconstructions using Monte Carlo analysis
  • Ranging reconstructions using the method of finite differences

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The student must have successfully completed an accident reconstruction/technical class.


Fundamentals of Statistics for Traffic Crash Reconstruction by Andrew Rich and Michelle Fish-Rich. A copy is provided to each student.

Required for class by each student

Scientific calculator.

Cancelation Policy

You may cancel your registration outside of 14 days of the first day of class for a 100% refund. Within 14 days of the first day of class, a 15% administrative fee will be charged.


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